About Hil

Fresh perspective. Bold problem-solving. Unorthodox strategies.

Hil’s Dubious Claim to Fame: While study at Uni, the first time around, I very nearly put the kibosh on “A brief History of Time” by narrowly missing Stephen Hawking while furiously pedalling to a lecture for which I was, like many students, woefully late!

Hil is the founder of Band of Bosses ® and is passionate about people and performance.

She believes that businesses and other organisations thrive best by developing and strengthening their people; whether as teams or as individuals.

“I love the ‘mess’ of people”

Hil Gibb

“I love the ‘mess’ of people”

Hil Gibb

Hil is a successful Master Practitioner and Coach in NLP, with a Degree in Psychology & Education, and Masters Degree in Leadership.

Although consistently judged outstanding as a teacher and a Head Teacher, in Dec 2008, Hil decided to have ‘an adventure’; founding Taking Charge of Your Success and, more recently, Band of Bosses®. 

Hil adds value and facilitates growth in all types of organisations, by helping to provide clarity around organisational strategy and supports the professional development of individuals and teams to complement the culture and drive organisations forward.

Hil has spent over 1,800 hours working one to one with business leaders and with their teams, improving efficiency, effectiveness and impact.

She has successfully delivered presentations to, and engaged in lively discussions with, a range of audiences, including an ‘Improving Intelligence National Steering Group’ for the Government, in Westminster, London and six national conferences.

Hil’s Philosophy & Attributes

  • A strong, enduring personal philosophy:
    • All Individuals Matter
    • We are all learners
    • We all do worthwhile work, no matter what our role is, to make the world a better place
    • We are all in control of and responsible for our goals
    • Celebrate the journey to success as well as the goals reached
    • Thinking actively, flexibility and resilience are the route to the enjoyment of learning and future success.
  • Passionate about the importance of ‘perpetual growth’; academic/professional growth; personal growth; organisational growth; individual growth
  • Creative ‘thinker’ and ‘doer’ ~ eliciting creative thinking and the articulation thereof
    Strategic thinker and translator of strategy
  • Highly skilled listener and communicator
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks in a pressured environment
  • Identify, praise & develop the good qualities in others
  • Consistent in giving evidential, constructive feedback
  • Emotionally extremely literate and nurtures emotional literacy in others
  • Dedicated, with high internal drive/motivation
  • Commitment to fitness of the mind, body and emotion
  • Perpetual learner