Want to be an even better boss? 

Passionate about people and performance, Band of Bosses® supports bosses as they steer around the obstacle course of business ownership.

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Let’s face it. Being a business owner isn’t for the faint hearted.

Is at least some of this like you?

Your business is doing well, but you’re regularly spinning many, many plates to keep it that way. You’re aware that you’re too busy ‘doing’ and would love to delegate more, to work ‘on’ your business. In the past, your attempts to delegate haven’t always gone well.

You’ve an idea of where you’d like your business to be in five-to-ten years, but never really find the time to firm-up this idea or work out how you’re going to get there.

You’ve found yourself handling a bigger workforce than you started out with. That’s great, and yet, it comes with its own challenges.

Although you can discuss things with members of your workforce, you’re never completely confident that their responses aren’t tainted by their role within the company. You sometimes think they may be agreeing simply to please you; or maybe the opposite.

While friends and family are generally supportive, they don’t necessarily run their own businesses, so they don’t fully grasp what it means; the joys and dramas, the decision-making, the risk-taking, the sleepless nights, the emotional roller-coaster, the conflicting pulls on time and energy.

It’s OK. You’re not alone.

What Band of Bosses® (BOB) gives you…

Band of Bosses® gives you skilled executive coaching, completely focused on supporting you to work more efficiently and delegate skilfully. The 121 coaching and BOB group sessions are all about giving you that crucial, dedicated, supported time and space to work on your business rather than in it. BOB challenges and supports you in figuring out your bigger game and how you’re going to get there.

Dealing with the ‘mess of people’ is a particular BOB speciality. The positive and negative challenges that come with having a workforce is catnip for BOB. Strategies and skills are explored and related to your specific context.

The BOB Group Sessions give a platform for meaty challenges to be openly discussed, where the only agenda is the best for you and the needs of your business.

As everyone at BOB is a boss of either a business or charity, they totally get what it’s like to have the passion, the frustration, the joys and dramas, the decision-making, the risk-taking, the sleepless nights, the emotional roller-coaster and the conflicting pulls on time and energy, that all come with being a boss.

In joining Band of Bosses®, switched-on and ambitious business owners experience genuine connections with like-minded bosses in a purposeful, trusted and proactive group that works to enable business, and personal, development and growth.

Band of Bosses® supports bosses as they steer around the obstacle course of business ownership.

Band of Bosses® ignites discussion and decision-making for SME business owners.

With Band of Bosses® it’s business not as usual

Hil is the breath of fresh air that every business owner needs. Intelligent, intuitive, incisive, yet hilariously bonkers, Hil is able to cut straight to the heart of a problem and give advice on options for addressing it. 

Band of Bosses is a great idea. A group of disparate business owners with similar problems, taking time to help each other through the daily challenges we all face. I cannot recommend Hil and BoB highly enough.”

Jon Arden

CEO, Osprey CSL

Here’s what’s involved across a 12 month period

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6 x 121 Executive Business Coaching Sessions

Coaching is most effective when it’s memorable, challenging and enjoyable.

So that’s how we do it.

Within each session, we focus in on a specific area of current challenge; exploring exactly what you want to achieve and the means of getting there.
We also review and realign with regard to progress made in your longer-term Game Plan.

6 x Band of Bosses® Group Sessions

Our meetings are informal yet structured. Meetings include:

– Grounding: a reflect and review session
– Leadership Under the Lens: focus on an aspect of leadership
– Game Plan: supported working on med-long term plans
– Collective Conundrums: Discussion on a specific challenge brought by a BOB member
– BOB Case Study: a BOB member presents a business experience from flash to bang.

2 Free books a year

Across the year, BOB members read and review (informally) two books that are linked to leadership. Not all these books are directly about business, as much can be learned from exploring further afield. Members are encouraged to discuss what they agree, or disagree with, what may relate to their own contexts and what implications there may be for themselves and their businesses.

Who is Band of Bosses® for?

If you…

– Want to be part of a trusted circle of business leaders
– Want to gain time, energy, perspective and productivity
– Are ready to grasp your business vision and take the steps toward it
– Acknowledge that being an effective leader of people requires a wide set of skills and tools
– If you are willing to contribute to the success of others

…then Band of Bosses® is right for you.

Band of Bosses® supports bosses in steering through the assault course of business ownership and ignites discussion and decision-making for SME business owners.

With Band of Bosses® it’s business not as usual

Hil’s promise to you…

Band of Bosses® is committed to an informal environment and culture that is consistently awash with the following:

Integrity, creativity, unity, focus, collaboration, sincerity, developmental/progressive thinking, care, acceptance, dependability, positivity, enthusiasm, proactivity, fun/wit, unflappability, openness, compassion, challenge and confidentiality.

Band of Bosses® is committed to the development and health of you and your business.

What do our clients say…

Hear from Jo Snell

“I came thinking my choices were A or B and left with a brilliant plan C!”

Jo Snell ~ CEO Bransby Horses Welfare and Rescue

“A specific example of  Band of Bosses® assisting me toward a new, and far better, solution came when I was the focus of one of our Solution Circles.

The key area of challenge I put to my fellow Band of Bosses® members (BOBs) was how to structure the Marketing Team to best effect. I had a couple of ideas, but I wasn’t sure either would get us to where we really needed to be. I valued the BOBs’ input.

Using the Solution Circle format, I was able get more clear in my own mind by articulating the challenge and answering the ‘Questions for Clarity’ from the other BOBs. Listening to the BOBs discuss possible options and courses of action, guided me toward a solution that I would not have reached, otherwise.”

Hear from Jon Arden

Hear from Jo Wilson

“I came with a massive problem and left with a cunning plan”

Joanne Wilson ~ MD Fill The Gap Marketing

“On the morning of one of our Band of Bosses® (BOB) meetings, I had received the resignation of a key person in my business.

It was massive. I was utterly gutted.

I rang Hil to say I couldn’t make the BOB meeting, and she encouraged me to go along anyway, as my situation was one of the things BOB was there for.

Right off the bat, Hil switched the whole agenda around and made my situation the centre of attention. Together, all us BOBs explored the emotions and practical actions that come with this sort of thing happening.
It was so reassuring. Knowing that other people have been through the same and survived was just great. But then, also how they went about it. Things that I needed to make sure that I survived too. Ultimately, I left that meeting cool, calm and collected, compared to how I went in! I left with a positive plan.”

I’m interested, so what’s my next step?

If you want to feel the way these BOBs do, your next step is to schedule a no obligation call with the founder of Band of Bosses®, Hil Gibb.

You will able to talk through any questions you have with Hil, and decide whether Band of Bosses® is right for you.

Should you wish to, we can arrange for you to speak with a member of Band of Bosses®, so you can find out what it’s like, straight from the horse’s mouth.


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